The workshop was informative and easy-to-follow, carried out in a fun relaxing environment.  I've also learned how to formulate my own natural products that work best for my skin.  

Tina Lawson - London

100% Natural  Skin Care Workshop


I highly recommend Make Your Own Skincare workshops for you if you are interested in making your own organic skincare, or who are planning to start a skin care business. It is indeed “life-changing”.

Charlotte Phillips - London

How To Build A Brand Workshop

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The secret is out! You can now learn how to make your own original 100% authentic African Black Soap (Alata Samina (Ghana) Ose Dudu (Nigeria) which has been kept a secret in African communities for centuries.


This hands-on workshop will teach you the original way to make African Black Soap from scratch, using traditional methods and raw ingredients. You will learn sacred recipes and techniques as well as the history of African Black Soap and the benefits on the skin. So, whether you are starting a business, desire to learn about traditional African skincare or wanting to be in control of what you and your family use on their skin, this is the perfect course for you.

This course offers you the chance to learn:

  • The History of African Black Soap

  • Indigenous soap making practices

  • The benefits of African Black Soap on the skin

  • Safety aspects of soap making

  • Essential ingredients and the science of African Black Soap

  • Measurements and weights - Learn how to use a Soap Calculator and formulate your own recipe.

  • The benefits of natural luxurious African plant oils and butters 

  • How to choose the right oils for a soft soap, hard soap, fluffy soap or cleansing soap

  • The basics of essential oil blending and how to create your own unique scents 


This course offers you the chance to formulate:

  • African Black Soap Bars

  • Liquid African Black Soap

  • Customise recipes to treat different skin types and conditions.

Participants are required to bring the following for the course:

  • Note book and pen

  • Rubber gloves

  • Protective goggles

  • Aprons

Course Times

Course duration: 10:00 – 5:00

30 minutes lunch break and two 15 minute breaks.

£180:00 (inc VAT)
Authentic African Black Soap