The workshop was informative and easy-to-follow, carried out in a fun relaxing environment.  I've also learned how to formulate my own natural products that work best for my skin.  

Tina Lawson - London

100% Natural  Skin Care Workshop


I highly recommend Make Your Own Skincare workshops for you if you are interested in making your own organic skincare, or who are planning to start a skin care business. It is indeed “life-changing”.

Charlotte Phillips - London

How To Build A Brand Workshop

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Our delicate Red Rose Petals are dried naturally to retain its beautiful scent and superior colour quality. They are extensively used for their decorative qualities in hand made soaps, natural biodegradable confetti and potpourri.


In Cosmetics
Rose Petals add beautiful colour and interest to handmade soaps and potpourris. They may also be used to create your own infused healing oils skin toners and hair mists. 


Uses for Rose Petals include (but are not limited to):

  • Soaps or candle making
  • Oil infusions
  • Facial toners
  • Hair mists
  • Luxury bath teas
  • Bath bombs 
  • Candles
  • Crafts
  • Natural fragrance scents to combat bad odours 
  • Potpourri  
  • Spa decorations  

Dried Red Rose Petals

  • Our Red Rose Petals is 100% pure, made with no fillers or bulking agents. This is a real flower that has been dried and its scent will fade gradually. If you are using it for potpourri or to fragrance a room or drawer, a tiny drop of natural rose essential rose will automatically enhance its scent.


    Please note: this is a natural product, and there may be variations in colour and scent from batch to batch.