The workshop was informative and easy-to-follow, carried out in a fun relaxing environment.  I've also learned how to formulate my own natural products that work best for my skin.  

Tina Lawson - London

100% Natural  Skin Care Workshop


I highly recommend Make Your Own Skincare workshops for you if you are interested in making your own organic skincare, or who are planning to start a skin care business. It is indeed “life-changing”.

Charlotte Phillips - London

How To Build A Brand Workshop

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Organic Neem Powder is commonly used in traditional African medicine as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antiseptic ingredient. This makes it an effective ingredient in fighting off the invasion of bacteria and various other infections. Neem is one of the most widely used and well-studied herbs of our times. It has a very broad range of therapeutic and medicinal applications.


In Skin Care

Organic Neem Powder has antibacterial properties which is highly effective for those with pimples, acne prone skin and skin irritations. It helps to prevent infection during the healing process. Neem can be used to control excess oil secretion for those with oily skin. Add Neem Powder to cosmetic clays to make a face pack or body wrap. Add Organic Neem Powder to salt scrubs for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Use it in a gardener's hand scrub with corn meal to provide anti-bacterial cleansing after working in the soil.


In Hair Care

Neem Powder is very effective in purifying the scalp and treating dandruff and itchy scalp conditions. It also simulates hair growth and helps prevent breakage when used regularly. Add Organic Neem Powder to your regular hair pack or make your own by mixing it with a little water to form a paste, add essential oils, carrier oils and cosmetic ingredients that are beneficial for the hair.


INCI: Azadirachta indica

Organic Neem Powder

  • Our Organic Neem Powder is made by drying the Neem leaves in the hot sun and then grinding the leaves into a fine powder. Our Organic Neem Leaf Powder has absolutely nothing added with no artificial colours, preservatives and bulking agents.  and harnesses all the benefits you will find in the Neem plant.


    Please note: that this is a natural product, and there may be variations in colour and scent from batch to batch.